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Soup  –  Mexican Chicken Fiesta

App. Special$6.99

 Pickle Fries (OR) 

Honey Sriracha Mozzarella Sticks

$11.50  Wild Game Of The Month  –  Under Construction

Taco Tuesday

3 for $5 or 5 for $7 add rice and beans for $2

$7  Asian Fish Taco’s(2)  –  Sweet chili glazed mahi mahi

topped with an asian slaw and a wasabi

ranch on soft flour tortilla’s

$10.50  Mexican Burger  –  8oz seasoned veal patty topped

with black olives, jalapeno’s, salsa, shredded

lettuce and a white cheddar cheese

sauce on a toasted brioche bun

$11.95  Argentina Steak Sandwich  –  Mojito spiced grilled

tenderloin topped with a chimichurri sauce, sliced

tomato, sliced avocado, fresh wilted spinach and

a white bean spread on a toasted telera

  Dessert Specials$4.99

Hazelnut Truffle /Carrot Cake