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Soup  –  Chicken, Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo

App. Special$6.99

 Bratwurst Bites (OR) 

Honey Sriracha Mozzarella Sticks

$9.25  Wild Game Of The Month  –  A grilled jalapeno

and cheddar infused wild boar bratwurst topped

with sauteed onions and spicy mustard

on a soft pretzel sausage roll

$9.50  Chicken French Sandwich  –  Egg battered chicken

breasts simmered in a sherry lemon sauce then

topped with sliced tomato, provolone cheese

and baby spinach on a toasted pretzel roll

$10.50  Brisket Quesadilla  –  Slow cooked marinated beef

brisket, bacon crumbles, fresh jalapeno’s, red

onions, bbq sauce and cheddar jack cheese

packed between grilled flour tortilla’s

$9.95  Island Pork Sandwich  –  Sliced grilled jerk pork

tenderloin, pineapple salsa, black bean spread

and a cilantro crema on a toasted telera roll

$10.95 Blackened Catfish  –  cajun seasoned catfish filet

served over a bed of exotic grains and fire roasted

veggies with a jalapeno cream sauce

  Dessert Specials$4.99

Hazelnut Truffle /Pumpkin Cranberry Cheesecake