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Daily Features


Soup  –  Manhattan Clam Chowder

App. Specials $6.99

  Battered Green Beans / Pork Pot Stickers  

$12.95 Wild Game of The Month – A grilled mixture of cupid,

comet, donner and blitzen topped with jack cheese,

cranberry compote and a garlic aioli

on a toasted pretzel roll

$13.95  Beer Battered Or Broiled Haddock

(cajun,lemon pepper,jamaican jerk) with two sides

$10.95  Fish Sandwich  –  With one side

$10.95  Stuffed Cabbage  –  Beef and rice filled cabbage

rolls simmered in a tangy tomato sauce

served over a bed of egg noodles

$9.95  Eggplant Parm. Sandwich  –  Breaded eggplant topped

with tomato sauce and provolone cheese

on a baked hoagie roll

$11.95  Steakhouse Burger  –  A grilled mixture of ground

beef brisket, short rib and chuck topped with a blue

cheese spread, fried onions and a A1 aioli

on a toasted brioche bun 

$13.95  Beef Tenderloin Sandwich  –  Sliced beef tenderloin,

onions, mushrooms, sharp provolone cheese and a

sweet chili aioli on a toasted baguette roll

 Dessert Specials $4.99

Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake(OR)

Kentucky Hot Brown With Blueberries