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Daily Features


Soup  –  Potato Cheddar Ale

App. Special$6.99

Mini Buffalo Chicken Tacos (OR)

Potato Jalapeno Cheddar Bites

$7    1/2 Order of Wings & Domestic Draft

$8.95  Wild Game Of The Month  –  A grilled 1/3lb Australian

wagyu hot dog topped with a pineapple salsa and

a cilantro lime aioli on a soft sausage bun

$10.95 Carolina Pulled Chicken Flatbread Pizza – Pulled chicken marinated in a tangy Carolina BBQ sauce

with red onion and mozzarella.

$10.95  Pastrami Sandwich  –  Homemade pastrami, caramelized

onions, swiss cheese and a beer infused mustard

on grilled rye bread

$10.95 Turkey Press  –  Turkey, tomato, homemade pesto sauce, balsamic reduction and swiss cheese. Warmed in the panini press

$6.95  Greens & Beans & Noodles  –  Sausage, escarole, white beans, and egg noodles simmered in seasoned chicken stock

  Dessert Specials$4.99

Blueberry Flap Jack Cake or Baked S’mores